CINDY DESIGNS artwork for individuals and businesses with HER SIGNATURE palette knife and suite of cutting-edge design tools that bring breathtaking mental imagery to life for her clients to enjoy on canvas, online, and in print. She also applies this same skill with a different set of tools to a process she refers to as MINDSCULPTING.


A creator of branding imagery in North America, Europe and the Middle East, her observation that her creations did not always result in her clients being able to capitalize on their improved public image led her to investigate the state of branding in AN EVER-CHANGING WORLD marketplace. 

What she found resulted in A DISCOVERY SO SUBLIME that it inspired her to revisit her deepest held beliefs about HOW TO DESIGN ANYTHING – art, advertising, EVEN LIFE ITSELF. Now she knew why some of her clients with such inspired marketing and offerings were not ending up with inspired customers.


She had discovered how to take design to a whole new level for her clients. Next, she turned her attention to her personal life. What she found there resulted in a personal breakthrough that further validated her newfound awareness about THE PROCESS OF DESIGN.

Inspired by her life becoming the masterpiece she now realized it had become, HER WORLD BEGAN TO CHANGE, and not just by a little, but BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS. Every area of her life, one after the next, her health, wealth and overall wellbeing began SPIRALING UPWARD and getting BETTER and better.

It was TIME TO SHARE WHAT SHE HAD LEARNED with others, not just in the form of oil paintings and designed imagery for the business community, but in the form of knowledge passed forward, knowledge that some were saying was once SECRET KNOWLEDGE. 

This is why in addition to commissioned artwork and graphic design campaigns, she has decided to work with individuals to bring beauty to their lives by showing them how to apply breathtaking knowledge about the process of creation. The result?


I chose to make four different boxes, one for each color, instead of one box with a display of four colors. I like that the buyer can immediately see the color they liked best.

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We, designers, all know the basics, but how do you become different whilst still holding on to the core basics? Practice makes perfect, well sort of, the more you brainstorm and try things you never thought would work, the more creative and different your designs will become. We must always, with ANY design, ask ourselves these 5 questions:

1. Am I attracting the right target audience?

Colors and fonts play a big role in target audience. It is really important to chose the right combination of elements and colors when attracting a certain age group. Here's an example, for young girls, bright and bold colors with funky fonts may work, but that won't work for an older group, where pastels and cleaner sans-serif fonts may be more effective.

2. Am I consistent with the clients requirements?

Always keep in mind while designing, the clients needs and specifications (budget, audience, their comments). It is easy to forget and get lost in the artistic process of designing. So, have the important specs written in front of you when you are working on that design.

3. Is it too busy? Is the message lost?

Again, we can get carried away with design, using too many elements or effects, which may look really "cool" but the question is, "is the message clear?" The message is the most important element, if the client, for example, has a promotion, you want that message to be the focus and not your cool effect. If you can combine both, all the better!

4. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid (ok not a question, but important)

This was among the first messages in Graphic Design school, the teacher wrote on the board KISS, and then went onto explaining to us the importance of not overdesigning things. Keep It Simple Stupid.

5. Am I designing within clients budget?

Desinging amazing packaging is great, but if the production of this packaging is very expensive and above the clients budget, then you've failed. The idea is to do the best you can within your limitations.

So, whether you like it or not, you have to impress your client, they are the ones paying you and they know their market. So, I have learned that it is not about what I think "looks good" or "will work", it is about what the client will think looks good and will work.

Happy designing!


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